Young Woman in Sun Hat on Beach

Hello Sunshine
have you woken up the day
did you let them know
they've been waiting just for you



Sad Girl in the Window

Feeling lonely right there in the crowd

hearing silence when people're talking loud

feels like world has shut you out

when you don't belong to anything


When you don't belong to anything


Should we toast to the success you said

looking at me from across the table

but I didn’t understand

I said it's no success if I need to hide here instead

you said it is success that I'm not dead


Very Proudly

Couple Holding Hands

You said that we can change the world

As long as I'll be by your side

and despite sharing every moment

You are never truly mine


You said...

Happy Couple

Some of pieces are lost

So how can I put puzzle together

Memories crossed

They couldn't last

Just because we promised forever