Extensive list of disturbing stories:


  • How I created an explosion

  • How I was tested for drugs before going to USA

  • How I ended up in police car with a gun

  • How I ended up in Mafia

  • How I got taken my weapon away

  • When Putin said I'm the future

  • How I was getting deported

  • How I was prosecuted in Gdansk

  • How I got lost in forest

  • How my ticket was checked before flight

  • How I became war beneficiary

  • How I was smuggling stuff

  • How I ended in the middle of crime scene

  • How I spent the day at exclusive beach club

  • How I disappeared from security cameras

  • How I got my friend to move the country

...and continuing


How I ended up in Mafia is a collection of very crazy but also very true disturbing stories that occurred to me over the year. From being extra checked at the airport security to creating small explosions, from accidentally ending at the wrong place at the wrong time, to being prosecuted and absolutely wrongly accused. Real, dark, disturbing!

(and before you doubt it all, think how deep can infiltrate the intelligence of a country that doesn't exist anymore)