I'm certainly not much of a skilled cook, and have never been either. I can fail with even the most basic things, such as not burning a meal, or properly preparing popcorn... in a microwave. I'm sure lots of people are familiar with these paper packages filled with corn seeds that you simply unfold, pop in the microwave for the time designated on package, and voila, you have yourself a bag of freshly made popcorn. How much easier could it get?

But no matter how I was following the rules and trying out different heating (or wave) options, my popcorn never turned out right. Leave it in a little less, and there'll still be half the bag of seeds unpopped. Leave it in a little longer, and at least some of the popcorn's tips, if not majority of the pack, would come out as coal.

But still, I really enjoyed it, especially in buttery and cheesy versions, that I didn't give up on it... until this fatal day.


I was up to preparing my regular pack, unfolded it, put it in the machine, waited and checked. So many seeds in the bag were still just the seeds that I felt it would be a waste leaving them, so I just removed already popped ones and decided to return bag in the microwave for few more minutes. But the package was now unsealed and in my fear of popped corns flying everywhere, I decided to close it back properly. With a paper clip!

It's commonly known and therefor also a common sense, that microwaves don't mix with metal. No cutlery, cans and even some crockery with metal linings DO NOT go in microwave for any sort of reheat. The same goes for paper clips, no is a no. But even though knowing this somewhere in the back of my mind, I still had to learn it the hard way. 

I sealed the bag, put it back in and went on to admire my already popped corns while the rest of the seeds were reheating. When suddenly I hear an explosion behind my back. I turn around, rush to the microwave and pip in through the glass front window, where I see my popcorn bag still spinning around but also on fire. 

I quickly opened the door, got it out and tried to extinguish it. There were luckily no consequences, other than most of my expected popcorn going to waste, as usual.

I did however learn not to put metal in microwave ever again. But what I also learnt was how to easily create an explosion.

Home sweet home, distant past