Forgot the first line

As I write this I'm out of state

Hopefully this time I won't receive hate


Said one poem a day

That's a promise to keep

Mostly to myself and not the people I need


There's to many words to explain what I feel

But as a "man" I should not feel such appeal


There are feelings to be denied

And promises to be broken

Turns out so much out there remained unspoken


I did what was wrong

You forgot what was right

I ain't giving this up

Not without a fight


What's another lie to be told in world of lies

I cannot deny, you took me by surprise


Don't know what I want, but certainly what I deteste

Just another time life's putting me trough the test


I got nine of them, like a cat, like a lion

You might get what you fought for,

But still, I'll be fine!


wrote this in a "special" state during challenging times