What if d'fekt wouldn't be a little monster, a ghost from the past, or a creature that never really exist? What if d'fekt would be a person, a real life character, you?


The kind that dropped school and ran from home. The one that never stayed on solid ground for long, once it learned it's ability to fly.


The one that lend in your heart and made you realised it's impossible to keep it. And has done that so many times, without giving it a thought, until it was told it's just great to remind you, that you could always be a bigger disaster. But after all, isn't even that vein way a way to make others happy.


D'fekt is simple, pleased with everything and so easy to be around. Yet so complicated you could never truly understand what floats trough it.


It's smart enough to pretend to be dumb, so it wouldn't get used, yet if you would try to use it, way to smart for you to succeed.


It might have no idea what it wants, but it surely know what it doesn't want.


It's lazy, lazy and proud to admit it, yet there's no laziness that would ever stop it to miss on an adventure or an experience.


It's rational enough to save some money, yet always scared to check out it's bank account. And if it would have it's last cents, it would spend them on experience rather than buying the food, even if that means starving.


It's an adult, bet yet the one who never truly grew up.


It knows wrong from right, it knows it should think twice and take in account so many people and things, it knows reason, but it figured out that true way to happiness is trough your heart, even if crippled one. It's taking chances. Because you shall live now and regret later. And that it only hurts when you (over)think to much.


It might not have a soul, but it has a spirit. And persona, and character, so great it's actually hard to find. And it can inspire you, by simply being who it is. And when it's able to be who it is, all of the above, that's the only time, it truly feels happy and it truly feels free. Because it's so simple.


d'fekt is me. It's you. It's the fact. It's d'fekt.

It was created as simple as a line out of boredom during the chemistry class, when I didn't understand a think. Not about chemistry, not about life. When I had no clue about ways, when you're not a millionaire but still able to afford to be happy.

(sa)Tanja, the real life d'fekt

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