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Your d'fekted friendships in d'sturbing times

We're in great hopes that social distancing will soon be over and hanging out with our friends will become common in all countries again. But it will probably still take sometime before we'll be able to see eye to eye those friends who are living abroad. Here are some basic ideas of how to stay connected if you didn't practice them by now.

1) Social media

Of course the most random. With loads of apps and platforms being close is easier than ever. Beside the classic texting and phone calls we can now also video chat, completely cost free so there is no pressure on a time limit. And with newly introduced inventions, such as Zoom, we can truly zoom in to lives of multiple people at once.

2) Post

When was the last time you actually wrote a letter or received one? In most of the cases it's been ages, but even though receiving a message from a long lost friend is super exciting, getting a physical letter or a post card is even better. Biggest problem is probably that these days we don't know actual physical addresses of most of our friends and asking for it can spoil the surprise, but on the plus side, when filling to lazy to actually sit down and create beautiful cursive text with your feather pen, there are so many services out there that can do the job for you, from sending costume made postcard, to the full hamper packages. And who wouldn't love to receive something like that.


Speaking of a hamper package, why not make it personal and create one yourself. From things that remind you of moments you and your friend spent together, to snacks they're not able to get in their county, options are limited. There were actually ''follow trains'' circling around with strangers exchanging books and other goodies. But you can take it to a whole new level and create the content yourself. Fill it with cute accessories, doodles, home remedies and perhaps even treat, if you know your baking wouldn't want to make others leave the country.

4) Get creative

Beside regular chats and physical exchanges, why not to create something together as well. While in lockdown it wasn't hard to cross images and videos of groups, creating and sharing positive messages together from the comforts of their own home. Let's all of you try to fulfill a challenge, acquire new skills and follow up on progress. Or create your own story time sessions, where each time one of you shares background of their adventure or whichever topic you choose. Sounds like one of those Zoom meetings, but the fun one.

5) Multigaming

Staying in the digital world as it might be the most effective in these times, as being someone's friend you certainly got to have some common interests. So why not find a virtual game with your joint topic and let your avatars hang out in virtual world for as long as you're not able to do it in real one. If it was fun enough to do it back when we were able to be in the same rom, it sure will be even more fun now.

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